As a CELTA qualified, native speaker, Sue has taught English to learners from a variety of countries in the heart of a deprived area of the East Riding, helping them to improve their confidence and language skills with ESOL-based learning. This not only benefits them directly through better access to services and improved employability, but also their families and the wider community in which they live. In addition to this, Sue holds the International House Certificate for Young Learners acquired in Seville where she gained experience teaching Spanish children aged 6 to 12. Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a method which Sue uses to enrich the learning experience she offers and gives added value to the learners. She has delivered EFL to German teenagers at a summer school at York St John University for Embrace England, a UK-based Language Holidays Company. Cours d’anglais particuliers – Enseignant natif – Ile de Ré

Sue’s key to success is to use her combined expertise from the Youth in Action training and her English language teaching skills so that she can engage more effectively with the young people and ensure that learning is both fun and desirable! On both a national and transnational level, Sue devises and delivers training courses to young people and youth workers to improve the quality and quantity of the projects they are involved in. Her specialism is language and communication but equally her passion for working with those on the margins of society, such as the migrant community and those seeking employment is prevalent throughout her work.

She has delivered international training courses such as ‘Combating Youth Violence – Education … Inspiration … Action!’ for the British Council in Manchester and was the lead trainer for ‘Facilitating The Process Of Communication in English’ on behalf of BIJ, the Belgian National Agency for The Youth In Action Programme.  Sue delivered Wild Cherry Training & Education’s successful LICK brand of language-based training courses in the UK, across Europe and in the Balkans, covering diverse range of topics. Additionally, she delivered for Everything Is Possible in Leeds during the 5.1 Youth Pride Event and was a lead trainer for the British Council’s evaluation seminar, Janus which reviewed the whole of the 7 year programme and concluded with a youth-led conference in central London delivered with her Austrian colleague, Leo Kaserer.  The arrival of Erasmus+ gave her the opportunity to deliver the first PBA for the British Council with internationally renowned colleague and expert trainer, Buzz Bury. Sue has also been an Expert Assessor for the British Council and Ecorys requiring specialist skills as a critical evaluator of funding applications in this field and a member of its National Trainers’ Pool. And practically, using her organisational skills, Sue is also an accomplished logistics coordinator and local expert, providing training venues, accommodation and links to the community within budget to specification; she hosted the Executive Agency’s Appetiser in Manchester  in partnership with Ecorys UK.  Sue’s work for the Bulgarian National Agency Erasmus+ focused on the now holistic approach of Erasmus+, delivering training looking at the value of non-formal education in today’s world. An all-girl power training course then took her to Bonn, Germany where she is a trainer for Migrafrica. Most recently Sue delivered for the German National Agency and SALTO Inclusion & Diversity looking at the topic of Embracing Diversity.


Sue Dudill is a great trainer, full of interesting methods and ideas how to facilitate the participants’ learning process. Besides, she is a wonderful colleague, tolerant,always ready to support and help as well as a magnificient event organiser. She knows how to select the best venue with all necessary facilities to make a perfect training as well as providng all essential materials and technical equipment. It is always a pleasure working with her!

Tsvetina Zaharlieva, Bulgarian Trainer for International Projects

Meeting Sue was a very lucky coincidence for me.  In my opinion, working with young people is very important to her and you can feel it. She was always a very good advocate of all her young co-workers, giving a lot of mentoring as well as allowing us to work independently. For me, she was my first port of call, when I had some questions, I could and still can count on her advice and help. On the Angels in Action Programme, she was excellent coach for all of us. She was the person with lots of positive energy and smiles., uniting all people together and motivating us to action; she always was the person with B or C or even D plan.just in case. Without her colossal support this project would not have been completed.


I have known Sue for a number of years now and I have to say she is the complete professional in every sense of the word.  Her teaching is exciting, inspiring, interesting and I have never known learners leave one of Sue’s classes without chatting excitedly to each other about it.  Her classes are revolutionary, she has the ability to not only choose the most appropriate learning methodologies for the particular group of learners she is teaching at the time but also  her sense of adventure and fun element in the classroom enables her learners abilities to soak up knowledge at the time.  She is a highly regarded team player in all aspects of her teaching and her training career with a wide portfolio of abilities, a natural persona and energy levels impossible to match make her invaluable in any organisation.

Martin Bennett (ERYC Adult Education Dept)

International Training Courses & Projects

  • EC Erasmus+ Embracing Diversity TCA German NA and SALTO Inclusion & Diversity, Bonn, Germany (Trainer) 2018
  • EC European Youth Foundation, Social Entrepreneurship for Social Inclusion, Bonn, Germany (Trainer) 2016
  • EC Erasmus+ Value Your Experience, TCA Bulgarian NA, Varna, Bulgaria (Trainer) 2016
  • EC Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility of Youth Workers: LICK Capacity Building for Those Working With Socially Excluded Young People, Vinica, Republic of Macedonia (Trainer) 2015
  • EC Erasmus+ Appetiser Seminar, Ecorys UK, UK NA, Manchester, UK (Visit Coordinator) 2015
  • EC YiAP Keep it Together 4.3 Puente Genil, Spain (Trainer) 2014
  • EC YiAP Mobilise! Cooperate! Reform! Introducing Erasmus+ PBA, The British Council, UK NA. York, UK (Trainer & Logistics Coordinator) 2014
  • EC YiAP LICK Capacity Building For Those Working With Socially Excluded Young People 4.3 York UK (host & Trainer) 2014
  • EC YiAP LICK Capacity Building in Employability & Entrepreneurship 3.1 York UK (Host & Trainer) 2013
  • EC YiAP Janus Seminar & Conference with the UK NA and Momentum World TCP London UK (Trainer) 2013
  • EC YiAP LICK Capacity Building in Employability & Entrepreneurship 4.3 York UK (Host & Trainer) 2013
  • EC YiAP LICK Capacity Building in Migration & Employability 3.1 York UK (Host & Trainer) 2013
  • EC YiAP LICK Capacity Building in Migration & Employability 4.3 Leeds UK (Host & Trainer) 2013
  • EC YiAP THINK globally, ACT locally, Gothenburg, Sweden (Promoter) 2013
  • EC YiAP Young Pride National Youth Meeting with Everything is Possible Leeds (Trainer) 2013
  • EC YiAP Training Course with Bureau International Jeunesse, Lancashire, UK – Facilitating the Process of Communication in English (Trainer) 2012
  • EC YiAP Training Course British Council – Combating Youth Violence – Education … Inspiration … Action! Manchester, UK (Host/Facilitator/Trainer) 2012
  • EC YiAP Trainer of Trainers, UK, Belgium and Bulgaria 2011/2012
  • EC YiAP Youth Initiatives Project (National), East Riding, UK (Coach) 2011
  • EC YiAP Training Course with Bureau International Jeunesse, Lancashire, UK – Facilitating the Process of Communication in English (Assistant Trainer) 2011
  • EC YiAP Youth Initiatives Training, Cardiff, UK (Participant) 2010
  • EC YiAP Job Shadowing, France/UK, Beverley, UK (Hosting) 2010
  • EC YiAP Project Management Training, Montbrison, France (Participant) 2010
  • EC YiAP National Agency (British Council) NOW Seminar, Liverpool (Participant) 2010
  • EC Citizenship You Worth OST International Event, Bologna, Italy (Leader) 2010
  • EC Citizenship You Worth OST Preparation Mtg, Bordeaux, France (Leader) 2009
  • EC YiAP Study Visit, Lyon, France (Leader) 2009
  • EC YiAP Bi-lateral Youth Exchange, Krusevac, Serbia (Coordinator/Sending) 2009
  • EC YiAP ATOQ Training, Saint Jean d’Angely, France (Participant) 2009
  • EC YiAP Bi-lateral Youth Exchange, Sweden/UK, Beverley, UK (Hosting) 2008
  • EC YiAP European Voluntary Service Training, British Council, UK (Participant) 2008
  • EC YiAP European Citizenship Champion Training in Palermo, Italy (Participant) 2008
  • EC YiAP Multilateral Youth Exchange, Feurs, Nr Lyon, France (Sending) 2007
  • EC YiAP Contact Making Seminar, Radovlica, Slovenia (Participant) 2007
  • EC Grundtvig Presenter in French on rurality, Macon, France (Participant) 2007
  • EC Grundtvig Presenter in French on discrimination, Le Creusot, France (Participant) 2006
  • Solidarité Jeunesse Work Camp with volunteers, Montendre, France (Group Leader) 2006
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