With her roots in Yorkshire, Sue moved back to the north of England after spending most of the 1980s in London. She then pursued a career in IT and in media sales until eventually she discovered her passion for working with young people. It was during this time that she became directly involved in youth volunteering projects focusing, although not exclusively, on those with fewer opportunities.

Dedicated to her work, Sue helped to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for young people in the county and in doing so made a positive contribution towards the development of a vibrant youth volunteering community in the East Riding.

Since 2006, in her role as European citizenship champion, Sue has actively promoted European youth work through the European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme and is doing so now through Erasmus+ She has secured funding via the British Council to support numerous projects which effectively mobilise young people in Europe and help to increase their capacity to learn. Youth Exchanges with member states and neighbouring countries, Youth Initiatives, the European Voluntary Service and Training & Networking Activities have all opened up new possibilities for both young people and the youth workers who have said, ‘yes please’ to the chance to get involved. Sue completed Trainer of Trainers in 2012 – SALTO profile here.

Sue’s portfolio career enables her to successfully use her combined skills as a European trainer in the field of youth and those as an EFL tutor to facilitate the smooth delivery of further projects on this level. She is Cambridge CELTA qualified to teach adults English as a foreign language and also holds the International House Certificate to teach Young Learners which she acquired in Seville. She recognises the absolute need for greater mutual understanding and cooperation through respect for cultural diversity and the inclusion of those with fewer opportunities. She believes this can be achieved through the participation of young people as active European citizens and her purpose is to inspire and motivate all people into taking action to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others.

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